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Все сервера Cataclysm Stonecore были обновлены до последней ревизии v15.
Большое обновление прошло без подводных камней и вайпов и затронуло большое кол-во изменений на сервере.

V15 had a lot of focus into Stability and crash fixing:
Overall, it means the server should be running more stable (and with less crashes).
Note: In case you still encounter crashes, let me know by posting a Topic or sending a PM, and we'll look into it.

Here are the crash fixes in detail:
- Fixed an Aura related crash on Removal
- Fixed a crash related to IntersectRay
- Fixed a crash related to Combat (HostileRefManager)

- Fixed a crash related to item bags
- Fixed a crash by NPC entry 32871
- Fixed a crash regarding player visibility

- Fixed Karazhan Prince Malchezaar Summon Infernal crash
- Fixed a crash related to Glyph of Resilient Grip
- Fixed a Map crash

- Fixed Grim Batol crash issue,
- Fixed a crash related to Throne of the Four Winds
- Fixed a crash from below:
V14 quest bug crash serveur

Optimized server error logs:
On V15, we made sure to fix a lot of the ugly console error logs on the start-up.
Fixing it, is a manual and boring task, but it means the error log is now 38 KB, from around ~~90 KB before.
As a result, it makes the load of the Worldserver faster, more clean, and we solved database issues that will also solve bugs ingame. Our goal for V15.1 is to fix it fully, with a maximum of 5KB (meaning almost no errors on load). It's a step in the right direction towards a more clean and smooth experience upon loading.

Dungeon/Raid related fixes:
- Dragonsoul: Fixed a gossip issue on the boat/ship, between factions (Alliance/Horde)
- Grim Batol: Fixed dragons transport (V14 Grim Batol Dragons Inactive)
- Fixed Karazhan Raid first boss damage issue: Karazhan Raid - First Boss Midnight

Blackwing Descent:
* Saved progress on death of Omnotron defense system (Kuramaj)
* Limit the stacking amount of Parasite Infection in a single player to 4.
* Magmaw will no longer have its pincers enabled for riding at the beginning of the fight.
* Magmaw will no longer gets stuck in his stand position if the players are too quick to impale him while hes on his Massive Crash animation.
* Visual chains that bind magmaw to the stake now have proper targeting and wont be applied on pretty much any unit nearby.
* Magmaw head is once again targetable and attackable when he is impaled.
* Fixed Power Generator mechanic from omnotrom defense system encounter.

Implemented Throne of the Four Winds raid scripts (Huge improvement). The update involves the following bosses:
-- Lady Nazjar
-- Commander Ulthok
-- Erunak Stonespeaker
-- Neptulon

Implemented Throne of the Tides dungeon scripts (improvements). The update involves the following bosses:
-- Alakir
-- Conclave of Wind
-- Misc/general fixes for the raid.

- Fixed an issue in Blood Furnace Boss.
- Firelands: Fixed a big platform issue related to Alysrazor boss encounter
- Fixed Deadmines issue related to the Cookie boss:
V14 Grim Batol Breaking the Game

TBC raid/dungeon fixes related to (thanks to kuramajssken!):
- Underbog (Misc fixes)
- Mana Tomb (Misc fixes)
- Karazhan (Events, spell and misc fixes)
- AuchenaiCrypts (Misc fixes)
- Magtheridon's Lair (Magtheridon and misc fixes)

Serpent Shire:
This includes improvements to the following bosses:
- Fathomlord Karathress
- Hydross the Unstable
- Lurker Below
- Morogrim Tidewalker

Fixed 25 Man/10H/25H difficulty on a lot of Cataclysm raids, with the following details:
- Fixed for entire Firelands.
- Fixed for a lot of BoT
- Fixed several for Baradin Hold
- Fixed several for Throne of the Four Winds
- Blackwing Descent was already appearing fine, but I fixed a few missing ones.
- Dragonsoul was also appearing fine, but I fixed a few too.
- Firelands Text fixes regarding Baleroc (Kuramajssken)

Note: I updated the missing difficulty entries in a mass update, so the HC version will use another npc entry (blizzlike).
But I did not check that the new HC entry also had the right new health/damage. However that (should) be working already, as I believe it's based on sniffs.

However if I'm wrong, and you still notice the same health/damage in Normal/HC raid on V15, let me know!
(But don't worry - it'll definitely be improved by a bunch after this update already though).

Random spell fixes:
- Flametongue Weapon
- Arcane Mana issue
- Fixed Aura Mastery with Resistance Aura.
- Tidal Surge
- Shadow Cleave damage
- Glyph of Frost Shock
- Revitalize proc fix
- Ribbon Snake wow item
- Torment of the Worgen Karazhan (Kuramaj)

Quest fixes:
- Fixed respawn of quest: "A Gap In Their Armor"
- Fixed quest: "Wooly Justice"
- Fixed quest: "Leave no One Behind"

- Fixed quest: "The Leaders of Jin'Alai"
- Fixed quest: "In with a Bang", V14 Quest bug.
- Temp fixed an invisible issue by the quest: "Deathwing came above".

- Fixed quest: The Battle of Thandol Span,
V14 Quest bug.
- Fixed quest: "Onwards to Menethil",
V14 Quest bug.

- Fixed Quest Prayer to Elune:
V14 Quest bug 27985.
- Fixed item: "Gidwins-Hearthstone":
V14 Item bug.

- Fixed quest: "Into the Flames",
V14 Quest bug.
- Fixed quest: "Pamelas Doll",
V14 Quest bug.
- Fixed quest: "The Captive Scouts",
The Captive Scouts | Quest | V13.1

- Fixed UI completion of quest: "Out of the Ziggurat",
V14 Quest bug.
- Fixed UI completion quest: Cataclysm,
V14 Quest bug.
- Fixed UI completion quest: To kill with Purpose
V14 Quest bug.

- Fixed UI completion quest: Dark Garb:
V14 Quest bug.
- Fixed UI completion quest: "Bagging Bisp",
V14 Quest bug.
- Fixed UI completion quest: The good people of hearthglen,
V14 Quest bug.

- Fixed UI completion quest: Unusual Behavior even for Gnolls,
V14 Quest bug.
- Fixed UI completion quest: Taelan Fordrings Legacy,
V14 Quest bug.

- Fixed quest: "Retribution",
Retribution | Quest | V14
- Fixed quest: "The Great Fras Siabi",
The Great Fras Siabi | Quest | V14
- Fixed quest: "Angry Scrubbing Bubbles",
V14 - Angry Scrubbing Bubbles

- Fixed quest: "Relios the Relic Keeper",
V14 - Relios the Relic Keeper
- Fixed quest issue with: "What tomorrow brings",
V14 - What tomorrow brings
- Fixed quest issue with: "On Whose Orders",
V14 - On Whose Orders

- Fixed quest issue with: "Dreadwatch Outpost",
V14 - Break in Communications: Dreadwatch Outpost
- Fixed quest issue with: "Seek and Destroy",
V11 (Hotfixed) - Seek and Destroy Quest

- Fixed quest issue with: Iterating Upon Success:
Improved the entire event for V15:
Implemented Smooth pathing for it
Implemented text events
Hack-fixed the credit count (by using the other Vile Fins)
Implemented go-back feature (blizzlike)
Fixed the speed
-- Report: V14 - Iterating Upon Success

- Fixed quest: "Out to the Front",
V14 npc bug.
- Fixed quest: "Breaking Waves of Change",
BUG Quest: Breaking Waves of Change (Darnassus)
- Fixed quest: "Survey Alcaz Island",
BUG Quest: Survey Alcaz Island (Dustwallow Marsh)

- Fixed quest: "Gluttonous Lurkers",
BUG Quest: Gluttonous Lurkers
- Fixed quest: "Pa'troll",
BUG Quest: Pa'Troll

V14 Deadmines Cookie Activation Broken
- Fixed quest ID 28217,
V14 Solo/Fun Quest 28217
- Fixed quest: "Traitor's Bait",
V14 Quest 26830

- Fixed Quest: "In With a Bang"
- Fixed Quest: "The Winds of Loch Modan"
- Fixed Quest: "What I do Best".
- Fixed Quest: "Cho'war the Pillager"

Misc fixes:
- Fixed NPC: "Foreman Milos",
V14 Npc bug.
- Fixed the levels of Gordok Bushwacker in Dire Maul,
V14 Solo/Fun Dire Maul Gordok Commons Bugs

- Fixed the levels of Jandice Barov Illusions,
V14 Solo/Fun Scholomance Boss bug
- Fixed some missing Spirit Healer spawns (eg. in Durotar), and some multiple ones in Hillsbrad Foothills.

- Therazane in Deepholm.
- Fixed a Twilight Highlands NPC issue: Twilight Highlands | npc
- Fixed Main/off-hand weapon stack weapon damage exploit (Kuramaj)

- Extended condition on entry (31) with GUID
- Fixed some random spell aura exploits

Community Fixes:

@OMGhixD fixes:
1.) Removes a Spell Value used in the DB that doesn't exist per the DBC
2.) Defias Overseers was set to a "null" AIName creature, and these dungeon creatures are usually ALWAYS SmartAI's unless they are a boss (Then we take use of a scriptname instead).
3.) Custom creature information was present in Creature_Template_Addon even tho it doesn't exist in Creature_Template at all.
4.) Creature_Template_Addon doesn't like it when we use 0's as auras as it does still count it as a probable ID, thus it was changed to "nothing"
5.) Removed data from Creature_Formations which holds info for 2 LeaderGuids and about 18 followup MemberGuids (None of these are spawned, thus that data is also unused and just throws a console error)
6.) Removed a duplicate Den Grunt in Valley of Trials and gave the remaining Den Grunt its proper Waypoints, MovementType and a Path_ID.
7.) Removed a Duplicate Cactus Apple gameobject which is used in the quest Calgar's Cactus Apple Surprise (more of these dupes might exist and we should expect that they do, Keep a lookout for them :) )

@Stiga fixes:
- Faction problems in Dragon Soul:
Twilight Assaulters - some are friendly > moved to hostile otherwise hard to complete the event
Wrymrest Captain & Defenders are hostile > moved to friendly
Loot Elementium Gem Cluster missing from bosses & chests in Dragon Soul
Dragon Soul bosses on v14 are not dropping elementium-gem-cluster items. Again only tested normal not heroic.

Baradin Hold:
- Diverse issues with boss spawn, loot etc. in Baradin Hold:
Occu'thar 52363 / 54229 spawn had spawn 62363 which is an instant kill and no loot template.
Alizabal 55869 (other versions 57270 have no loot template or AIscript) had spawn 65869 which is an instant kill, no AIscript and no loot template.
Argaloth 47120 / 51350 not spawned > so found an unused creature spawn GUID in the range BH. Also added 25man difficulty entry (missing)

Stratholm Service Gate:
- Issues:
Two last ziggernaut doors remain closed.
The event before with the ramstein clone mobs doesn't open the door for Ramstein and killing Ramstein doesn't open the last door to Baron Rivendare
No Ramstein the Gorger spawn
-- Workaround: Make both doors open state & spawn Ramstein the Gorger

Elwyn Forrest:
- Issue:
Missing camp just south of Goldshire (same issue on v13.1) Note: Mulgore camp is spawned.
-- Spawned npcs, gameobjects (gates, wagons, tents etc) and the portal.

Tol Barad:
- Issues:
Missing gameojects for daily quests
Missing Stormwind portal (alliance camp)
-- Both are fixed

Darkmoon Faire:
- Missing NPC Darkmoon Fair > Mola npc whack-a-mole event
- Updated Darkmoon Greeter and information NPCs (they will also now give the Darkmoon Adventurers Guide)
- Most Darkmoon Fair events are not working (whack-a-mole,shotting rnage, cannon etc etc.)
-- So quick work-a-round to just auto-complete quests (for rep etc.) Not great I know, but the events will probably require a lot of work.
- Lhara - corrected sold items and subname (darkmoon pets & mounts)

Abyssal Depths:
- NPC spawns:
Alliance Sea-Scout,
Secure Seabrush,
-- Missing NPCS there are now added
- Quests:
Environmental Awareness,
Oil Extrusion Pump,
Here Fishie Fishie,
Fish Hat,
Into the Totem,
Erunak's Confinement Totem
Items were not working (work-a-round).
Stonespeaker's Luring Totem:
Ick'thys the Unfathomable for quest ... It Will Come
-- Gameobject was not working. Spawned manually now.
Ick'thys the Unfathomable
-- Fixed Hostile issue.
Twilight Extermination,
Attuned Runestone of Binding
-- Items were not working (work-around).
Defending the Rift,
Defending the Rift
-- Submarine event was not working (work-a-round)
Legionnaire Nazgrim,
Captain Taylor
-- Missed spawn after event.

Simmering Expanse:
- Missing creature spawns:
Info Format: NPC / related quest
Ranger Valarian
An Occupation of Time
-- Missed gameobject (same for alliance quest)
Fiasco Sizzlegrin
Desperate Plan
-- Missed NPC spawn
Horde Survival Kit
-- Spawned but not visible > phasemask issue (Fixedon V15).
Blood Guard Toldrek,
Welcome News
-- Missed NPC spawn
Blood Guard Toldrek
Welcome News
- Missed NPC spawn
Legionnaire Nazgrim
A Breath of Fresh Air
-- Missed NPC spawn
Injured Assault Volunteer
Fallen But Not Forgotten
-- Missed NPC spawn
- Event not working so work-a-round
Making Contact
- Event not working so work-a-round
Breaking Through
- Event not working so work-a-round
Swift Action
- Event seahorse not working work-a-round (in fact seahorse works but the event location on arrival doesn't)

The Thrill of Discovery
- Switch incorrect npc hidden markers for quest
- Plane not spawned with quest: Schnottz Bomber

Mount Hyjal:
- Quests:

A Gap in Their Armor
- Quest loot missing Twilight Armor Plate from Twilight Dragonkin Armorer
Mental Training: Speaking the Truth to Power
- Item not working Orb of Ascension

Twilight Highlands:
- Missing NPC spawn Newt
- Missing npc (not necessary for quest as you can fly directly, but npc missing nevertheless)
- Missing NPC spawns for quest Mercy for the Bound
Bound Fleshburner

- Far from the Nest:
(Spell to summon eggs not working Vermillion Egg):
Work-around add eggs to npc loot template -- Twilight Abductor
- Kor'kron Drop
Missed hidden trigger npc spawn on tower
- Magmatooth
Missed npc for quest A Fiery Reunion

- Quest: Rescuing the Expedition
Missed npc & event Claw not working)
- Fix correct modelid in spawns for Underbog Lord
- Missing or Inadequate No. Spawns Underbog

Western Plaguelands:
- Missng npc and wrong faction for quest (however requires Val'kyr see above): Ace in the Hole
Frightened Provincial Minuteman

Eastern Plaguelands:
- Quest: Crusade Commander Eligor Dawnbringer
Missed npc Crusade Commander Eligor Dawnbringer
- Quest: To Take the Barracks
Missed npc Crusade Commander Korfax

Silverpine Forest:
- Quest & Spawns for quest: Steel Thunder
There are sea dog crates (gameobjects) spawned but the quest according to the DB info and wowhead requires a npc Orc Crate.
Therefore modified the faction and spawned 5 crates.
- Quest: Lordaeron event doesn't run animation and unable to complete.
As simple accompany quest I made it auto-complete with spawn npc Lady Sylvanas Windrunner
- Quest: The Waters Run Red...
Was unable to mount cannon 45263 -- Horde Cannon
- Quest: Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter III
Event doesn't activte with npc Archmage Ataeric - work-a-round solution
- Quest: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Missed npc and bugged event Commander Lorna Crowley
- Quest: Cities in Dust
Accompany & event not working so auto complete temp fix work-a-round

Fixes by @orangefire:
Wrath of the Lich King Dungeon fixes:
- Fixed incorrect levels in the following instances:
Utgarde Keep, Azjol-Nerub, Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom, Drak'Tharon Keep, The Violet Hold, Gundrak, The Halls of Stone
The Burning Crusade Dungeon fixes:
- Fixed incorrect levels in the following instances:
Hellfire Ramparts, The Blood Furnace, The Underbog, Mana Tombs, Auchenai Crypts, Escape From Durnholde Keep, Sethekk Halls
- Escape From Durnholde unit flag fixes.

Fixes by @kureji:
- Valor and Justice Quartermasters Inventory update (updated for 4.3.4, great work).
- Goram NPC: The guild vendor now sells items.
- Corrected NPC scaling of Jandice Barov in Scholomance.
- Items from Brazie's Black Book of Secrets didn't have their pages assigned, so they were unreadable. (Fixed now).
- Fixed some issues in Icecrown Crusaders Pinnacle.
- Corrected NPC scaling of Crystalline Frayers in "The Nexus".
- Zul'drak faction fix.

Fixes by @kuramajssken:
- Fixed Weapon Chance of Lionheart Executioner
- Fixed quest: "Missing Friends"
- Fixed quest: "Escape from the Staging Grounds"
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