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Давно наблюдали за FUN & SOLO сборкой Cataclysm и немного подумав приняли решение установить ее вместо нашего стандартного х50.
Сборка хорошая, совсем недавно была обновлена до последней ревизии. Предназначена (как следует из названия) для игры в соло.

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Server and features!:

Solocraft: Your health and damage will be adjusted based on the size of the group. If you are eg. 1 player (solo), then your HP and damage will be much higher than if you are 3 players in the group, doing the dungeon.
It affects Normal Dungeons, Heroic Dungeons, 10 Man Raids and 25 Man raids. This way you can do dungeons alone too, if you prefer - or even with just a couple of npcbots, if you don't want a full group.
- Can be disabled in the config.
You can also adjust the difficulty to your preference in the Worldserver.conf
Dungeon Finder System is useable as solo! You can queue and join through the Dungeon Finder system alone, without any players. After joining, the Solocraft system will take in place and scale your char based on your group size too. You can only join eg. as two players in the RDF, as well - if you like.
- Can be disabled in the config.
Beastmaster NPC: Choose your next pet, as a hunter.
Enchant NPC: Customize your gear quick and easy through our optimized Enchant NPC.
XP Rate NPC: Get a quick chance to change your XP rate personally. You can select several your wanted XP rate for your character.
Glyph Learner NPC: Quickly learn all your class glyphs to get started playing.
Morph NPC: Transform yourself into other models/display.
Profession NPC: Learn your preferred profession instantly.
Teleporter NPC.
Customizer NPC: Change faction, name etc., quickly from a NPC.
Gambler NPC.
Custom Transmog npc: (Thanks to Damien)
- Can transmog legendary weapons (which blizz doesnt offer on default)
- You can transmog 1 hand into 2 hand (AllowMixedInventoryTypes)
- Allows mixed weapon types. (Sword to mace etc.)
- It also allows to transmog like leather into cloth etc.
1v1 Arena NPC
Arena Spectator
Skirmish Arena
Arena Statistics
Level up announcer added. The server will announce ingame when someone reaches a new level.
(Can be disabled in the config)
Custom Login (thanks to Stygian!):
- All options can be enabled or disabled in config.
- Player ([ Faction ] - Name - Logon/Logoff message) notification can be announced to the world
- New characters can receive items, bags, and class-specific heirlooms on first login
- New characters can receive class-specific skills on first login
- New characters can receive specialized skills on first login
- Special Abilities are configurable in the modules config file
- New characters can learn their faction's Town Portals on first login
- New characters can receive exalted rep with capital cities (Ambassador) on first login
Ressurection sickness disabled. (Can be enabled in the config)
Battleground Deserter disabled. (Can be enabled in the config).
Possibility to disable aggro for Grey Mobs. (Can be disabled in the config).
Possibility to gain honor from guards and elites. (Can be disabled in the config).
Possibility to change the attack speed for players or/and mobs. You can now eg. make your character do much faster meele attacks, if you're into that! There's no limit, and you are free to experiment with it, in the config file. Selectable for both mobs and players.
Instant fishing. No more waiting for fishes to be caught; catch them right away!
Mall added in Orgrimmar, Stormwind City & GM Island.
The mall includes many useful vendors:
- PvP vendors; gear, weapons etc. (seasons)
- PvE vendors; gear, weapons etc.
- Profession vendors (crafting etc.)
- Gem vendors.
- The custom script vendors like enchant npc, etc.

Ab4GwxW.png IgDamLa.png

Как использовать ботов или аддон

1.) Removes a Spell Value used in the DB that doesn't exist per the DBC
2.) Defias Overseers was set to a "null" AIName creature, and these dungeon creatures are usually ALWAYS SmartAI's unless they are a boss (Then we take use of a scriptname instead).
3.) Custom creature information was present in Creature_Template_Addon even tho it doesn't exist in Creature_Template at all.
4.) Creature_Template_Addon doesn't like it when we use 0's as auras as it does still count it as a probable ID, thus it was changed to "nothing"
5.) Removed data from Creature_Formations which holds info for 2 LeaderGuids and about 18 followup MemberGuids (None of these are spawned, thus that data is also unused and just throws a console error)
6.) Removed a duplicate Den Grunt in Valley of Trials and gave the remaining Den Grunt its proper Waypoints, MovementType and a Path_ID.
7.) Removed a Duplicate Cactus Apple gameobject which is used in the quest Calgar's Cactus Apple Surprise (more of these dupes might exist and we should expect that they do, Keep a lookout for them :) )
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Warcraft Life team
UPDATE 11.04.2021: Внес ряд изменений (фиксы) в world mysql db: итемы, нпц, объекты, квесты.
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